Behind the scenes with Cocofuel

The lengths we go to for a great shot.. Captured here is Alter Ego photographer Deanna encouraging that our model tip the hydrating bottle of Cocofuel - this shoot's focus - over her face in after-workout relief! Thankfully she obliges! The result? Well, scroll down to view the full shoot.
Presenting.. the final, edited shot! If one thing's for sure, getting soaked was well worth it! For this health/fitness shoot, we managed to capture an awesome, lively (and active) fitness scene, highlighting the hydrating qualities of our client's multi-beneficial coconut water, Cocofuel. Here's to the creative and willing team at Alter Ego Photographers!
And that's a wrap! The following shoot was captured by Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna and was inspired by the great post work-out fuel, Cocofuel! On that note, it's time for us to move our bodies before the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!

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