Innocent Foods, Product Photoshoot
November 12, 2017
Mao & Co, Wellington, food photography
Mao & Co – Food Photography
October 10, 2017

Bangalore Polo Club, Restaurant and Bar Photoshoot

2 Hour Photoshoot

The Bangalore Polo Club, a stunning venue in the heart of Wellington City! The Alter Ego Photographers team in Wellington were recently asked arrange a Restaurant / Bar photoshoot for Bangalore Polo Club. A stellar venue with a food & beverage menu to match, it's no wonder that capturing beautiful photos of the Bangalore Polo Club was a breeze. Wether you are out for a delicious meal or just in need of a seriously good cocktail, The Bangalore Polo Club has got you covered! Found on Courtenay place in the Capitol City, this snap worthy venue is sure to be popping up on all of you Wellington Foodies Instagram pages in no time! This was a 2 Hour Restaurant and Bar photoshoot costing $180 and captured by Alter Ego Photographers Deanna Walker and McKenzie Collins. Did you know that Alter Ego not only does photography, we do social media too! Check out our Sister company Alter Ego Social Media here