The Old Bailey, Restaurant & Bar Photography. Wine pouring. Photographed by Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker.
The Old Bailey, Restaurant & Bar Photography
December 15, 2017
Mao & Co Wellington Event Photography. Food photography. Photographed by Alter Ego Photographer Deanna Walker.
Mao & Co, Event Photography
December 2, 2017

Café Breton, Cafe Photography

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Café Breton is one of very few French cafés and authentic crêperies located in Wellington City. Alongside classic French mains and notoriously Parisian sweet treats, Café Breton offer a delicious range of sweet and savoury crêpes. With these, owners, Cathie and Stephane Clatin have just one goal: to bring a homely taste of Brittany all the way to the capital of New Zealand.

The following shoot, captured by Alter Ego Photographers, depicted a typical lunch or afternoon tea in the French getaway that is Café Breton. Alter Ego Account Manager, McKenzie Collins, and Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker took to Café Breton with an additional friend to model the scene. It was pertinent to capture each facet which makes Café Breton and its ultimately French experience: the authentic postcards on the wall, the sweet strawberry tarts, the bacon-and-banana-topped crêpes, the perfect cup of coffee (for both on-the-go or have-in). When Alter Ego photographs for cafés/restaurants, we prioritise capturing the feel of the destination, its vibe or niche. This way, customers may have an idea of what to expect - or even more importantly, why they ought to go - before they even walk through the door.

This was a 90 minute shoot, photographed for Café Breton’s social media platforms. Check out our sister company, Alter Ego Social Media here.