Mao and Co, Kitchen Food Photography. Mao & Co chef badge. Photographed by Alter Ego Photographer, McKenzie Collins.
Mao and Co, Kitchen Food Photography
January 21, 2018
Riversea Acai Bowl, Food Photography
Riversea Açai Bowls, Food Photography
January 10, 2018

Garuda Food Truck, Event Photography

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Garuda Food Truck is one of very few food establishments bringing authentic Indonesian cuisine here to Wellington City. Found at the local day/night markets, The Courtyard (below the Reading Cinemas), and at all Wellington’s most popular events, Garuda is as renowned for its logo as it is for its exquisitely tasting food. Best known for their delicious mie goreng, it’s hard to pass up a feed made with such traditional and full-bodied flavour.

For the following shoot, we attended ‘A Very Welly Christmas’, the annual Christmas event held on Lambton Quay. Here Garuda was parked up and prepared to serve their classic Indonesian dishes to an array of spirited customers. We captured Garuda’s presence at such an event by photographing the chefs at work, customers enjoying their meals and the seasonally-suited decorations/characters which comprised the event. We wanted to include the truck and the Garuda logo as much as possible to promote yet further customer recognition. Being that the event was held near the waterfront - and that most of Garuda’s regular destinations are waterfront-based including the Harbourside Market and the Friday/Saturday Night Markets - we made sure to photograph their meals here too. We were aware that this content would be useful for future occasions.

This was a 90 minute shoot, photographed by Alter Ego photographer, Deanna Walker. Garuda Food Truck are a client of our sister company, Alter Ego Social Media. Find out more about our social media management packages here.