Beat Kitchen, Food Truck Photography
November 15, 2017
Bangalore Polo Club Restaurant and Bar, Wellington, New Zealand Photoshoot
Bangalore Polo Club, Restaurant and Bar Photoshoot
October 24, 2017

Innocent Foods, Product Photoshoot

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Innocent Foods is a new whole-foods café based in Wellington City, which specialises in cold pressed juices and organic, natural foods. To Innocent Foods, a huge part of nutrition comes down to gut health. For this sake, they’re introducing a Pre-Summer Juice Cleanse to ensure we feel and look our best during the warmer months ahead. In order to best photograph this vibrant, healthy product, we organised the array of fresh ingredients from which they are formed alongside the juices in fun, creative flat-lays!
But the team at Innocent Foods are about more than just the product they provide; they are about the lifestyle they encourage. This is one which sees nutrition and health at the forefront. For this sake, we brought another facet to the photoshoot. We photographed their juices in faux situation: after a yoga class, on a work desk, etc. Here the juices could be seen as easily integrated within daily fitness and wellbeing routines, here in the capital city.
This was a 90 minute shoot, directed by Alter Ego Account Manager McKenzie Collins and shot by Alter Ego Photographer Deanna Walker. Our client, Innocent Foods, utilises our skills for photography and social media. Check out our sister company, Alter Ego Social Media here.