Café Breton Cafe Photography. Crepes. Photographed by Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker.
Café Breton, Cafe Photography
December 10, 2017
Beat Kitchen, Food Truck Photography
November 15, 2017

Mao & Co, Event Photography

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

Mao & Co is a coveted food truck based in Wellington City and is renowned for more than its cute kitty logo. They are best known for their handmade dumplings - coloured creatively with vegetable juice - and noodles, flavoured with the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Inspired by Asian night markets, Mao & Co pride themselves on serving cutting edge food truck cuisine.

Mao & Co recently held a blogger’s tasting event on Dunlop Terrace. Here they invited a range of Wellington’s top foodies to both experience and share their summer menu. Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker, came along to photograph each and every detail of the event: the faces, the food and the fun! Mao & Co hold close ties with Te Kairanga Winery, so alongside a focus on Mao’s mouth-watering menu, we made sure this aspect displayed itself in our event photography. Mao & Co also provide service for many functions and weddings, so it was important that we highlighted their smooth transition from food truck to fine dining.

This was a 90 minute shoot, directed by Alter Ego Account Manager, McKenzie Collins and photographed by Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker. Not only do we photograph for our client, Mao & Co, we also help to run their social media accounts. Check out our sister company, Alter Ego Social Media here.