Riversea Acai Bowl, Food Photography
Riversea Açai Bowls, Food Photography
January 10, 2018
Café Breton Cafe Photography. Crepes. Photographed by Alter Ego Photographer, Deanna Walker.
Café Breton, Cafe Photography
December 10, 2017

The Old Bailey, Restaurant & Bar Photography

1.5 Hour Photoshoot

The Old Bailey is Wellington’s original Monteith’s craft bar. More than this, it is one of the most trusted and authentic bars here in the capital city. The Old Bailey combine the facets of a true ‘Kiwi pub’ with elements of the more modern, central landscape within which the bar is located. A much-loved restaurant and sought-after function venue, The Old Bailey is most definitely a household name so far as gastropubs are concerned.

Not only did we wish to emphasise a long established perception of who and what The Old Bailey is - a sports-based destination known for good beer and good conversations - we also wanted to expand on this image. This would involve a focus on The Old Bailey’s delectable menu, its fine wine list and its apt location for Summer lunching. By photographing the interior as well as the exterior, popular beers as well as wine, a casual lunch setting as well as that of a function or booking, we would capture The Old Bailey in all its diversity as a restaurant, bar and function venue. All the same, we would prioritise its very Kiwi quality; its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

This was a 90 minute shoot, photographed by Alter Ego photographer, Deanna Walker. The Old Bailey are a client of our sister company, Alter Ego Social Media. Find out more about our social media management packages here.